Random Scattered Words = Irritating!



Perhaps it’s the result of playing at something like 50 odd weddings a year that has resulted in me becoming somewhat of a cynic and an old bore. My next wedding gripe might strike some of you as being a little bit overboard but I’m getting really irritated with the random words stuck on the walls all over wedding venues.

Most of you probably don’t even give it a passing thought.  The first 20 odd times that I noticed them at weddings, I probably didn’t fully register it either. However, look closely and virtually every single venue is doing this.

For me, random scattered words can be placed in the same bracket as wedding photo booths ie; quite cool and ‘out there’ when they first came on the scene. I do stand to be corrected but I’m pretty sure that I recall a time when random scattered words were nowhere to be found at weddings?

So what am I referring to specifically? Well, I’m talking about the strategic placing of lovey dovey, cuddly words all over the wedding venue.  You will obviously see all your basic marriage associated words such as “Love”…”Friendship”…”Good times”…”Family”….”Happiness”. That’s the basic, first level of scattered words. You then get the next level up which might contain offerings such as “Just Married”…”Hitched” or any number of quotes from literary thinkers, normally always Oscar Wilde.

I’m not stupid- I do get that it’s a nice way of decorating a venue and creating a nice feel. I get the principle completely but I just don’t buy it anymore! For me, it’s obvious, it’s lazy and it’s been done already.

If you really want to spice up the venue and want scattered words everywhere, then they should be more realistic about marriage. Instead of “Love” and “Happiness” they should put “Snoring” and “Farting”. “Mortgage”, “Sleep Deprivation When You Have Kids” “Irritating In-Laws” all have much more resonance for most married couples.

I know it’s not quite as jolly but it’s a bit different and hasn’t been hammered to death already!

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