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When People Can’t Make Wedding…But Tell You In a Speech

My latest wedding gripe might go relatively unnoticed by the vast majority of wedding goers but I guarantee you that it takes place at every single wedding- I’m explicitly referring to the section of the evening where the MC or … Continue reading

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This is a photo of a recent wedding where a man came up and jammed three songs with us playing, what he described as, Indian finger cymbals…Go figure.

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Random Scattered Words = Irritating!

  Perhaps it’s the result of playing at something like 50 odd weddings a year that has resulted in me becoming somewhat of a cynic and an old bore. My next wedding gripe might strike some of you as being … Continue reading

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Wedding Photo Booths- Please Ban Them Immediately

Don’t get me wrong- the basic idea of having a ‘photo booth’ at your wedding is, fundamentally, quite cool. I get it. It’s fun and all that but please….stop it…just stop it right now. Photo booths, along with bars that … Continue reading

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