The Weird Uncle Staring At Us While We Play A Wedding Gig!


I know that this observation might come across as being a little strange at first but I can guarantee you that we observe this at about 2 in 5 weddings. Introducing- the phenomenon of the weird uncle watching the musical proceedings leaning against a wall towards the back or side of the venue.

This may not seem like the most obvious occurrence but both Tony and I can vouch for the fact that at a fairly large amount of wedding gigs, there always seems to be a weird uncle or relative who’s played a few chords in his time who will spend the entire evening, double brandy coke in hand, leaning against a wall staring at the guitars and the chords we are playing!

This phenomenon can manifest itself in a whole number of other ways too. Sometimes, we are alerted to him very early on in the evening, long before the guests have even sat down. We’ll be setting up some of the gear facing the other way when the immortal words “what guitar are you playing tonight?” will drift across the room and smack us on the back of the head. A whole string of questioning may then follow; “What effects pedal do you use”….”What sort of stuff do you play” (my standard response is always Death Metal to see their reaction) which is all leading to the inevitable 10 minute chat about what guitar he’s playing, his gig history and the fact that he doesn’t find much time for it these days.

And let’s not forget the ultimate muso to muso question; “Do you do your own stuff?”….We sold out a long time ago baby!

Roll on three hours later and the gig has begun. As the crowd goes wild one can always catch the weird uncle out of the corner of one’s eye staring emotionless at the stage and making us feel extremely uncomfortable.

There are other forms of muso stalking on the night as well. This usually comes in the form of the guy who’s absolutely trashed who dances at the front by the stage for the entire gig playing air guitar to every single chord, every single solo. Without any question, this guy will come up to us between sets asking if he can play a song or two.

I know this sort of guy very well because that’s exactly what I used to do at every wedding too!



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