When People Can’t Make Wedding…But Tell You In a Speech


My latest wedding gripe might go relatively unnoticed by the vast majority of wedding goers but I guarantee you that it takes place at every single wedding- I’m explicitly referring to the section of the evening where the MC or Best Man reads out messages from those who couldn’t attend. 

Am I the only person on the planet that thinks that it is mildly ridiculous to be subjected to a one to two minute dedicated slot at a wedding for people who, in most cases, basically didn’t make the effort to be there unlike every single other person listening?

For me, if you haven’t made the effort to be there, why should you have a section of the proceedings set aside for you to read out a personal message for the bride and groom? I find it incredibly irritating.

Look, I understand that in some instances there will be occasions when people extremely close to the bridal party will just not be able to travel- the birth of a child, a bereavement or a chronic illness are all valid reasons not to travel.

It’s the people, however, who fall into the “we’ve looked into travelling over and its just too bloody expensive” bracket who should have no right to allotted time at a function.

And don’t even start with “we’ll be at home cracking open a bottle of champers in your honour” schtick. You won’t.  If you couldn’t be arsed to go to the wedding it’s unlikely that you would set aside a night of your weekend to stay at home and open a bottle of bubbly.

If you can’t make a wedding, that’s fine. Just don’t bore me with your messages on the night.

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One Response to When People Can’t Make Wedding…But Tell You In a Speech

  1. Dom says:

    “So sorry I’m not able to be at what I am sure is the most beautiful wedding EVER, however, I was unable to move the date of my procedure. Hans is the best ball-hair tinter in town and if I were to miss my appointment I might not have secured another for months. I know you understand. Thinking of you all as I have my strands of kinked, grey wire brought back to their original, lustrous glory.”

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