Please locate the bar at your wedding in the same town as the function


Possibly my greatest bugbear when it comes to wedding gigs is the very often extremely crap location of the bar in relation to the dance floor. I’d say that only about 40% of wedding venues in South Africa take into account the positioning of the bar in relation to the dance floor when setting up their venues for weddings.

It’s really not rocket science. At weddings, people (especially the men) will naturally gravitate towards a free bar. I know that i would. Who wouldn’t hey? You’ve got to milk the cow when it’s in front of you. I’m not entirely sure that’s a phrase but you get my drift. You would be totally amazed at to what extent this remains an after thought at some venues. It is our biggest battle and we face it on a weekly basis. Just last night we played at a stunning well-known wine-land venue (no names mentioned- Nooitgedacht) in which the bar is located in another room entirely from the actual party. This is an epic fail.

On our band’s booking form, i specifically mention that the bar needs to be near the dance floor but a lot of people ignore it. You are effectively killing your own party. The bar needs to be right there in the thick of the action for the best parties- surely everyone knows that?

Take my word for it.

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