A brief introduction


My name is Dan Green and i’m a wedding singer. That’s me in the photo above. As you can see, i’m absolutely mental. This is a studio shot of me. The miracle here is not that the photographer manages to make me look vaguely cool but that i managed to stay airbourne long enough to make it possible. I’m part of the band Me and Mr Brown . I sing at a lot of weddings, something like 60 a year. I also sing at a lot of other parties, corporates and big festivals but it’s really at weddings that i see and observe the craziest, funniest sh*t that you will ever see. So i thought i’d share these observations with the world. I have no idea how i ended up doing my job but i do love it.  Sometimes i see things that amaze me- things that literally blow me away. Some things irritate me, some things make me laugh and i want to share them all with you. You can read this blog for amusement purposes or even if you need help planning a wedding or function. When you play at 60 weddings a year, i think that you are entitled to give your advice, opinions and observations. Take it or leave it. Just enjoy, spread the word and remember, when i’m singing into my microphone mid song, it’s not the best time to shout into my ear begging me to play Gagnam Style. And no, you can’t go to the car and get your I Phone so that you can plug it in and play some random track that literally only you will know.

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